Creating a College List For Any Student

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College Application “Rules”

Most students should apply to between 5 and 10 universities. Use the table & rules below to guide your college search!

Step 1: Apply to target, reach, & safety public universities in your state of residence.
1. Apply to a target public, in-state university.
2. Apply to a reach public, in-state university.
3. Apply to a safety public, in-state university.

Step 2: Apply to target & reach private universities in your state of residence.
4. Apply to a target private, in-state university
5. Apply to a reach private, in-state university

Step 3: (Optional) Apply to target & reach out-of-state universities
7. Apply to (1-3) target private, out-of-state universities.
8. Apply to (1-3) reach private, out-of-state universities.

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