Guide for international students looking for a bachelor’s degree in the USA

1. Use this map to search for universities in the U.S. based on selectivity and financial aid. 

Universities in the U.S. give a lot of financial aid that can help cover the cost of an undergraduate education. However, every university has a different policy regarding financial aid for international students. Some universities provide no aid and international students pay the full cost to attend. However, other universities are very generous with their aid and many international students can even study for free.

Use this map to help direct your search!



2. Use this Google Sheet to search for universities based on an extended list of characteristics.

The big three characteristics:

A. Selectivity

Four categories that describe how hard it is for students to be admitted to the university

Elite– The most difficult to get accepted to. These include the top national universities & liberal arts colleges in the US.

Highly Selective– Great universities that are just slightly less selective than the elite schools.

Selective– The majority of universities fall into the selective or less selective category.

Less Selective– usually just have minimum requirements for admission.

B. Financial Aid

% of international students receiving aid– What percent of international students at that university receive any financial aid at all.

% of tuition covered- For international students who do receive aid, what % of tuition is covered on average. Look for universities that cover a high percentage of tuition, because remembr, you will need to add on $10-15K for living costs.

C. Major/Program of Study

Look for universities with larger programs in the fields that you are interested in.


Other characteristics that you may consider:



Diversity & Internationality

Graduation Rate


Link to filter spreadsheet:



Link to filter spreadsheet: